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We Serve Refreshments, Fresh Fruits, Shave Ice and MORE!


Banana BreadOur home made "Banana Bread" has a taste that you won't soon forget. We make it daily and have been doing this since 1983. It is "melt in your mouth" delicious. We offer you our mouth-watering "Shaved Ice" with thirteen tropical flavors to choose from. You may add ice cream to make this treat even more delightful.Shave ice

Aunty Pearl's "coconut candy" is a must to eat now or to take home to a special friend or co-worker. It is made with fresh coconut, tossed in raw brown sugar, and toasted to a light brown glaze. OUT OF THIS WORLD. Halfway to Hana's very own "Beef Jerky". You haven't tasted beef jerky like this! Nice and crunchy - not tough. Made with our own secret spices and a lot of love.

Besides our top sellers, we also offer:
• Freshly made sandwiches
• Hot dogs
• Cheese burgers
• Fresh fruit (pineapple, bananas, coconuts, passion fruits, and more)
• cameras and batteries (for those of you who left these items in your hotel room)
• Chips, drinks and ALSO
• An ATM for your convenience.


Ice Cream Cone Burgers Sandwiches


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